We have several dance sites across Los Angeles!

Pico Union Site (“Burlington”)
661 S. Burlington Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90057
(213) 353-6184

Registrar: Cindy Damas



Koreatown Site (“Townhouse”)
639 S. Commonwealth Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90005
(213) 365-0065

Registrar: Liz Martinez



Echo Park Site (on the campus of Gabriella Charter School)

1454 Lemoyne St.
Los Angeles CA 90026
(213) 413-5801

Registrar: Natalie Miscolta Cameron


We want to hear from you!

We welcome your call, email, or you can complete the form below and we will respond within two business days. Reach us via phone at (213) 365-2491 and fax (213) 365-1965. Our email is [email protected].

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