2017 SummerDance Day Camp Launches

July 31, 2017

Our second year of SummerDance was a huge success with help from our new college intern, Ivys, who was brought to us thanks to the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. Interested in the LACAC internship?

SummerDance is a full-day summer dance camp experience for youth ages 6 to 11. And we mean a full day! Our young dancers are dropped off just after 8 am each day and are kept moving (literally!) until 3:30 pm pick up. Whether they’re learning ballet, modern, jazz or hip-hop, creating art with our intern, Ivys, or learning about simple but important life skills – use your quiet voice during class transitions, all eyes on me, make sure your neighbor has enough room to move, dance your heart out! – we see SummerDance as a great introduction to our everybody dance! program and welcome many of the new dancers in the fall. The icing on the cake? SummerDance students show parents what they’ve learned at a mini-recital on the last day … it’s truly incredible to see what they’ve learned in just two weeks! Interested in applying?

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