50 Reasons to Celebrate World Art Day

April 15, 2020

Every year on April 15th, the birthday of legendary Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci, World Art Day is celebrated around the globe. It’s a fantastic time to elevate the fine arts in their many forms, from dance and theatre to paintings, sculptures, and more.

As we know, arts education plays a critical developmental role in our kids’ lives. It’s something that helps them with academics, offering the potential for improved word use, math skills, and concentration. Time spent learning about and creating art also offers many cognitive boosts, including improved decision making abilities and use of reasoning as well as increased creativity. It additionally serves as a source of self-expression and release of tension, which helps our kids to feel happier, more relaxed, and more positive overall. (Source)

Getting Kids Engaged in Art

Kids and the arts are a natural fit, but a little bit of prompting is sometimes required to make screens seem less interesting than creative time. Investing in some fun and functional gear that’s just theirs, like organizational easels, drawing tables, and supplies and mediums they’re interested in, can drive their desire to create and keep them engaged in their projects.

Giving kids their own space to create and allowing for plenty of open-ended creative time help them to feel comfortable engaging in self expression this way. Encouraging them to focus on the kinds of projects and subjects they feel passionate about and allowing them to think and work outside the box can foster a lifelong passion for art and creativity.

What About Dance?

Dance is its very own artistic medium, offering unique physical benefits that go beyond that of art made on paper. When they engage in dance, kids reap a wide range of both physical and mental benefits. Some of these include an improved fitness level, better balance, increased flexibility, and an overall increase in motor skills. Additionally, dance serves as a way to release tension and negative feelings and promote neurological development through movement and music. (Source)

Wondering how to make dance a regular part of your child’s life?

  • Dance party: Whether it’s scheduled or unscheduled, taking regular time to have a dance “party” is a great way to release some tension, get the wiggles out, burn off energy, and access the many benefits of dance. Just throw on you and your kids’ favorite tunes to get started — it’s not a hard sell, especially for the little ones.
  • Make music available: A way to listen to their favorite songs is a big first step here. Whether it’s a radio, iPod, or playlist on a shared family device, giving your kids a way to listen to their music can get them up on their feet to sing and dance.
  • Get up and shake it: They’re a lot more likely to join in when you start and participate in the dancing, so get involved — parents reap benefits from dance, too!
  • Positive reinforcement: This one is simple; just let them know they’re doing great, and they’ll register positive feelings toward dancing.
  • Watch fun dance videos online or on TV: There are tons of incredible performances both online and on dance shows on television which can serve to inspire kids; sit and watch some together for motivation.

Performing and visual arts have more amazing benefits to offer children, and the experts at We The Parents have crafted an infographic which details 51 ways engagement with the arts is beneficial; check it out to learn more.


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