EDLA!’s EDAI Committee Charter 


We at Everybody Dance LA! commit to working actively to challenge and respond to known and unknown bias, harassment, and discrimination of all kinds in our studios and offices. We practice a policy of equal opportunity for the communities we serve and those who work for us. Our goal is to create a safe space to teach, work and learn through equitable practices. 


We commit to increasing diversity in our organization in its many forms including, but not limited to; race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, language, culture, national origin, religious beliefs, age, (dis)ability status, citizenship status, education, and political perspective. We strive to create a culture of openness, respect, organizational transparency, and community responsiveness both in our programming and organizational practices. We celebrate and honor the differences of all who work and learn with us. We truly believe that EVERYBODY can dance. 


We strive to ensure that the communities we serve have access to high-quality dance education, organizational information, and program resources. We work to provide our employees with access to the information and support they need to achieve their full potential.  


It is central to our mission as an arts education organization to ensure that each member of our community feels included and can thrive in our environment. We believe that a diverse representation of people is key to educational excellence and a healthy community. We work to provide space for marginalized voices to express themselves freely without fear of repercussions. We support equitable opportunities for growth and value the input of all students, parents, and employees. 

EDAI Committee Creation  

Based on staff feedback in the Spring of 2020 the Executive Director sought out the services of Ase Power Consult to support a Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion initiative for the organization. This included workshops, listening sessions, tool kits for the teaching team and the development of the EDAI committee  

Diversity Mission Statement  

Everybody Dance LA! Equity, Diversity, Access, and Inclusion (EDAI) committee embraces and celebrates the differences of people in our communities. Our goal is to foster mutual respect and understanding around our differences and to create a safe and equitable space for all to learn and work. We strive to eliminate any assumptions or biases made about anyone in our community. We do this by cultivating opportunities for EDLA! students, families, and staff to address, educate and respond to the diversity of the human experience.  

EDAI Committee Purpose 

The committee meets monthly and will guide and hold our organization accountable for the integration of EDAI practices in all aspects of the work and learning at Everybody Dance LA!. The committee will implement a variety of initiatives that support the progress of EDAI practices throughout the organization. If students, parents, or staff have an EDAI concern or question, please contact one of our Dance Site Coordinators or speak directly to your supervisor. You can also email EDAI@Everybodydance.org.If you would like to make an anonymous EDAI reflection or concern please fill out this form below by clicking on the link.