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How everybody dance! Impacts Graduates

Nuestros graduados son los mejores embajadores para el continuo impacto del programa everybody dance!. Aquí compartiremos la historia de Heidy Garcia, una estudiante que empezó con nosotros hace 12 años y quien ahora asiste a la USC!


Meet Heidy Garcia!

Heidy started in the everybody dance! program about 12 years ago. She is the first in her family to go to college and will be attending USC this fall. Her dream job is to become an architect and to be in “a job where I’m happy and giving my all every day.”

One of the important things that she learned about herself while in high school and at everybody dance! was to balance her life. Her sophomore year of high school was her most challenging with ballet, marching band, and AP classes. She thought about quitting everybody dance! but she gained confidence in herself to keep going and to balance her classes. Her determination in dance kept her motivated in school.

One of her most unforgettable experiences in everybody dance! was the flash mob at the Nokia Center downtown. It was pouring rain that day. I was pretty small. I remember I was nervous, but was excited to be dancing with the older students.”

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how does the enrollment process work?

Enrollment is easy! Submit an application and be entered into the everybody dance! lottery, which is drawn starting in March for SummerDance summer camp and in July for the September to June dance season.

To be entered in the everybody dance! lottery, click on the link below. Your completed application will be entered into a lottery. If your child’s name is picked, we will contact you to schedule registration and orientation. Thank you for your interest in everybody dance!

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“everybody dance! gives our community access to the arts at an affordable price. Not all parents can afford to have their children in a dance academy. Because my daughter chose dance as a form of extracurricular activity, she was able to get into one of the top private schools of California "

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Teacher Spotlight

Sandy Vazquez

Sandy Vazquez

Sandy Vazquez, a native Angelina and daughter of undocumented immigrants, began her dance training when she was 6 years old at everybody dance!


Student Spotlight

Jahselyn Medina

Jahselyn Medina

Jahselyn has been dancing since she was 4 years old. She first started with everybody dance! when she was an 8-year-old at GCS.


You Can Make A Difference Through Dance!