Donadores del 2017

Gracias A Nuestros Donantes del 201

The Gabriella Foundation le quiere agradecer a sus partidarios los quienes generosamente han dado mas de $500 en el año fiscal del 2016-2017. Nuestro trabajo no seria posible sin su apoyo y nuestro agradecimiento es infinito!

California Community Foundation
Carl and Roberta Deutsch Foundation

$50,000 to $99,999
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Dwight Stuart Youth Fund

$25,000 to $49,999
Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Paula and Luppe Luppen
Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Herb Alpert Foundation
Joseph Drown Foundation
Kathy and John Kissick
Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation

$10,000 to $24,999
Andrew Kin
The Angell Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
The Louis L. Borick Foundation
Debra Thompson and Lawrence Riff
Leah and Sam Fischer
Lynne and Jim DeWitt
The Green Foundation
Meg and Lawrence Kasdan
Joan Herman and Richard Rasiej
Charlotte Hughes and Christopher Combs
Devy and Carlos Schonfeld
Kathleen McGrath and J.J. Abrams
Patsy and Ron Buckly
Janis and James Burroughs
Cathay Bank Foundation
Michele Willens and David Corvo
Sarah Glazer and Fred Khedouri
Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust
Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation
Johnny Carson Foundation
Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation
Kenneth Kin
Oder Family Foundation
Ziffren Brittenham LLP

$5,000 to $9,999
Susan and Richard Gurman
Dulé Hill
City of Los Angeles, Dept. of Cultural Affairs
California Arts Council
Inara George and Jacob Kasdan
Anita Mann Kohl and Allen Kohl
Susan Baumgarten and David Totheroh
Annica and James Newton Howard
Lynn Soodik and Steve Wasserman
Julia Strickland and Timothy Wahl
Jane Jelenko
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Liz and Rick Berman
Michele and Arlen Andelson
Angell Foundation
California Community Foundation
Susan and Mark Dalton
Disney VoluntEARS Community Fund
Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Fund
Entravision Communications Co
David Furnish and Elton John
Larry Ginsberg and Rob Levine
Horvitz & Levy LLP
Amy Andelson and Sean Lubens
Luppe Luppen Jr.
Jeanne and Gary Newman
Monica and Phil Rosenthal
Diane and Michael Ziering

$2,500 to $4,999
Laura and William Siart
Liza Bercovici
Heidi and Richard Landers
Jan Greenberg Levine
Nancy E. Barton Foundation
Claudia Joyce
Al Garren Fund
Susan Stockel
Cindy and Bryan Gauger
Cindy and Bob Broder
Lois Wecker and Rory Burnett
Arbonne Charitable Foundation
Hilary Chen and Joe Matt
Diana Cohen and Bill Falik
Esther Fischer
Ellen and Tom Hoberman
Home Box Office, Inc.
Martha and Bruce Karsh
Judith and George Kieffer
Norman F. Sprague Jr. Foundation
Kathleen Palmer
Hope Warschaw and John Law
Wells Fargo Foundation
Ted and Lisa Williams

$1,000 to $2,499
Stephen Herr
Julie Waxman and Seth Freeman
Lynne and Irwin Deutch
Natasha and Brandon Beck
Barbara Morgen and Eric Hemel
Carol Merryfield and Jon Ross
Tawney Bains and Zachary Roberts
Eden and Steven Romick
Pascale Vermont
Bonnie Sun
Carla Malden and Norman Beil
Barbara Benedek
Frank Falzetta
Nathalie Marciano
Martha and Jeff Melvoin
Nina Abrams Fund
Ros and Bill Pullman
Nancy Stephens and Rick Rosenthal
Catharine and Jeffery Soros
Warner Brothers Television
Alpert and Alpert Foundation
Barbara Alpert
Allan Haldeman
Mike Mahan
Laura Deanne Willens
Robert Landes
Renae Williams Niles
Mira Stamboliyska
Paola Santana and Justin Wright
Banc of California
Kathy and Ambassador Frank Baxter
Antonia Bercovici
Mariellen and Peter Bergman
Deborah and James Burrows
Rosanne Covy
Susan and David Ettinger
Becca Falik and Matt Pasternack
Nancy and Jonathan Glaser
Patti and Lew Halpert
Lauren and Daniel Herr
Victoria and Frank Hobbs
Jack Schwartzman Family Foundation
Heidi Schulman and Mickey Kantor
Janet Loveland and Mark Rohman
Alison Whalen and Steve Marenberg
Alexandra Leichter and Michael Maroko
Gretchen and Marshall Milligan
Thomas Monath
Susan and Charles Oakley
Mary J. Poptanich
Betsy and Chuck Potts
Margot Roosevelt
Paula and Allan Rudnick
Christina Snyder and Marc Seltzer
Carol Fuchs and Martin Shafer
Arleen Sorkin and Chris Lloyd
Doris Sosin
Rachel and Eric Stern
Ruth and Eric Stockel
UCLA Anderson School of Management
Mary Jane Wagle
Teri Alpert and Philip Waldman
Pamela and Leo Wyler
YH Advisors

$500 to $999
Ross Walker
Liza Kaplan and Evan Glucoft
Jill and Stuart Koenig
Susan North and John Donley
Sofie Howard
Duong Hua and Steve Norris
Joseph Cilic
Michael Dubin
Rhonda and Michael Glowalla
Smuggler, Inc.
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Christina Malach and Benjamin Jacobson
Laura and Steve Baker
Rosa and Bob Sinnott
Dvorah Markman and Paul Fine
Dean Yao
Joanna and Mike McFarland
Brooke and George Spanos
Meg Resnikoff
Louise and Alan Schwartz
Candace and Craig Anderson
Phyllis and Alan Berger
Suzanne and Jeff Buhai
Isabel and Paul Cohen
Susie Norris and Jacob Epstein
Justin Faggioli and Sandra Donnell
Mary and Jeff Glowacki
Tracy and David Isenberg
Sheri and Michael Kane
Renata and Perry Lubens
Betty Nordwind
Stephen Roberts
Stacy and Ron Robinson
Kathryn Swink and Armin Shimerman
Hayden and Robert Ellison
Alyssa and Ryan Schimel
Michael Unton
Jessica and Alan Davis
Wendy Dozoretz and Fredric Woocher
Mark and Francine Landau
Patricia and James London
Janice and Bruce Miller
Astrid and Howard Preston
Samere Reid
Rick Rosen and Orly Adelson
Micki and Chuck Scherer
Susan Yara
Sheera Goren
Susan and Alan Friedman
Joseph D Matt
Emeka Ajoku
James Arnone
Patricia and Kenneth August
Clarance and Jacquie Avant
Scott Birdwell
Anthony Chin
Heather Eubanks
Wayne Flick
Flourish Foundation
Elizabeth and Glen Friedman
Laura Burris and Stephen Friedman
Alyssa Gong
Heather and Hank Haldeman
Laurie Vender and Stephen Halper
Elizabeth Levitt Hirsch
Audrey Irmas
Jo Ann and Charles Kaplan
Cindy Kin
Lynne Knox and Kevan Lynd
Patricia and Will Mackenzie
Elyse Margolin
Nancy and Patrick McCabe
Nick and Vaughan Meyer
David Morris
Sherri and Arnold Nelson
Janice Kamenir-Reznik and Ben Reznik
Matthew Rice
Lisa and Larry Rosenstein
Mary Gwynn and Mark Rossen
Nancy and Miles Rubin
Larry Salz
Judy and Allan Sher
Alison Shore and Steve Lopez
Lorrie and Jeff Smith
Amy Solomon
Nora and David Tulchin
US Bank
Joan Velazquez and Joel Kozberg
Joann and Richard Weiner
Stephen Weir
Karen Freedman and Roger Weisberg
Kirk Wilkinson
Bonnie Nash and Don Wing
Nan and Richard Zaitlen

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