Lindsay Lindberg

March 13, 2018

Lindsay Lindberg is the Arts Education Program Coordinator and a lecturer in UCLA’s Visual and Performing Arts Education Program (VAPAE), a member of the dance faculty at Gabriella Charter School, a dance educator for the Everybody Dance! Foundation, and a teaching artist at the Hollywood School House. A graduate of UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures Department with an emphasis in dance and NYU’s Master of Arts in Dance Education, Lindsay has helped develop and implement many innovative K-12 projects and professional development programs in Los Angeles, and has been designing and teaching dance curricula for years. Always looking for unique opportunities to connect with students and develop transferable skills through the art of movement, she strives to heighten awareness of the importance of the arts and the teaching profession while developing and implementing innovative curricula with students of all ages in the Los Angeles area– serving as a catalyst for change in urban arts education.

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