My Time In as a Quarantined Dancer

July 21, 2020

My name is Jules Kramer and I am a 15 year old teen dancer in quarantine. I have been dancing since I was around 4 years old but didn’t take it seriously until around 4 years ago. I am trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary among other styles. I thrive off of other people’s energy and my dance studio has been a constant for me when everything else felt uncertain. When the stay-at-home order was placed I was devastated that I would not be able to go to my studio every day,  take classes, and see my teachers and friends. Without dance I feel incomplete. I am so passionate that not being able to fully practice my art form has been a huge challenge for me. But seventeen weeks and 125 days later, I now know there are positives that have come out of it. Dancing in quarantine has taught me so many things about myself. I have learned to be patient with myself, not get as frustrated, and have learned how to keep motivated while there is so much uncertainty in the air.

Here are my top seven tips on how to stay motivated:

You are not alone

Remember, we are all in this together and every dancer worldwide is feeling the same as you. You may feel like you are losing your technique but remember that every dancer in the world is going through this. When you get back into the studio everyone will be working at the same pace to get back into your normal routine.

                        ( Screenshot of Tyler Peck’s Instagram page)

 Get inspired

Although there are negative aspects of social media, it can be used as a way to become inspired by watching professional dancers. Many dancers (especially in quarantine) have been using social media to display and create new innovative ways of performing. You also can take incredible classes from teachers worldwide and professional dancers that otherwise, you would not be able to take. Some of these classes on Instagram are by; Maria Khoreva, Mariinsky theater ballerina, Tiler Peck, New York City Ballet soloist, and Isabella Boylston along with James Whiteside, American Ballet Theater Principals.

Create a schedule

It may seem like a lot of effort but in the end, creating a schedule will help you make sure you get all of your tasks done. By sticking with it you will be able to find time to be creative and push yourself, creating a consistent routine.

Do it with friends

Get together with friends either virtually or in-person (while wearing masks) to take a dance class or a conditioning class. It is so important to stay socially connected and by dancing with your friends, even if virtually, you will be more inspired.  It also creates a friendly competition which in this case may help you improve.

Set a goal

Choose at least one thing you want to achieve. Whether it be holding turnout in fifth or keeping your elbows up in your second position, having a personal goal will motivate you and help you to improve. For me, my main goal has been improving my attitude shape in the center and the barre. By working towards this goal I have been able to improve other areas by just thinking about this correction. I still have so much to improve but just accomplishing little things has made me more determined to keep pushing and to give my all.

Remind yourself why you love it

Take a step back and remember how much you love dancing. By just acknowledging your love for dance it can encourage you to keep working and be motivated. Remember, having motivation is an internal battle with yourself and you are your biggest competition. In order to remind me of my love for dance I usually write down my top reasons I love to dance in a journal. Writing these ideas down reinforces my passion and love for the art-form.

Remember what it feels like to perform

Remember that sensation of working for weeks on end, and making it to that final 2 minutes on stage –  yes that feeling!  The feeling of joy and excitement mixed with nervous energy. Remember how excited you were and let that be your motivation to keep stretching and keep working. Stay positive!

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