New Website Reflects Our Growth!

August 1, 2017

It’s so exciting to grow as an organization, and just as exciting to communicate that growth to our community – finding the most powerful way to bring you into our dance studios so that you can experience our work … without being here. Our new website does just this. From the “moving” homepage to our new promotional video to student/teaching artist/donor spotlights, we want you to experience dance as we do, and to see almost firsthand how it changes lives. The site also makes it easier for parents to get the information they need for enrollment, for principals to learn more about bringing everybody dance! to their schools, for professionals to get involved with our Board, and for donors to see the social change their generosity makes possible. We’re so fortunate to have found Ripe Media to help us build a new website presence. What you see is their genius. They spent a lot of time with us, got underneath our work, and have articulated beautifully here the transformation we are helping youth to achieve. Ripe truly gets us and we’re so grateful because we have a lot to say. Stay tuned for more!

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