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About everybody dance!

everybody dance! provides high-level school-day and after-school dance classes to underserved children and youth from preschool through high school, at little or no cost. Along with the benefits of dance, such as discipline, focus, and achievement, everybody dance! provides a safe haven to build positive friendships, helping students raise the bar for their own lives.

everybody dance! in-school uses dance as a tool for learning, where teaching artists work with academic instructors to incorporate movement into daily curriculum. Imagine kindergarten students transitioning to a different rotation while making sounds of the alphabet with their bodies in letter shapes, or 4th graders choreographing a dance to show how food is digested, or 8th graders solving systems of equations through different rates of hip hop steps. These innovative mixtures of mental and physical education give students an alternative to traditional schooling and create a new way to retain, and even enjoy, each lesson.

everybody dance! after-school focuses on the technical mastery of a dance form. Students are encouraged to study multiple forms of dance – ballet, jazz, modern, tap, hip-hop, breaking – with leveled training and annual assessments allowing them to advance based on their technical mastery.

We hire professional dance instructors whose passion for dance resonates with and engages students. Described by the LA Times as “some of the best children’s dance instructors in the world,” our Teaching Artists inspire students to achieve their very best in the dance studio, teaching beyond technique by imparting life skills and instilling in our students confidence, creativity, community, and commitment.

Why Our Approach Works

everybody dance!’s most salient characteristics – culture, community and consistency – play an integral role in moving us toward fulfilling our Mission:

  • Culture of high expectations and performance: Our dance instructors have high expectations for themselves and students, providing them with new opportunities that stretch and challenge them. Students must arrive on time, be suitably attired for dance, and master requisite skills before advancing to higher levels. Instilling this discipline gives students a standard to hold themselves to that gives them a well-earned sense of accomplishment.

  • Emphasis on parental involvement to help build a culture of community: Families contribute 15 service hours annually. In 2016, 95% of parents completed their service hours, contributing a total of 6,662 volunteer hours to every part of the program. Quarterly parent meetings include a topic of discussion and time where parents can provide input into the program. We find this input invaluable to our vision of transforming the lives of present and future students.

  • Sequential, consistent, long-term dance training: More than half of after-school students, ages 8 to 19, study two or more dance forms and dance five or more hours per week. On average, students in the after-school program stay with us for 7+ years. The opportunity to continue to participate in everybody dance! throughout their schooling allows students to embrace the skills they’ve cultivated from dance and apply them to every day life like it’s second nature.

Program Sponsors

SummerDance Camp

SummerDance is an annual day camp experience for youth ages 6 to 11.  Each camp session is one or two weeks in July, and is offered in the both our Koreatown/MacArthur Park location and in our newest location in the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles.  100% of SummerDance students come from underserved low-income communities and are offered a reduced cost for camp.


Program Partners

We gratefully acknowledge everybody dance! school partner sites, program partners, and performing arts organizations who make it possible for our students to experience dance in, and beyond, the classroom through in/after-school dance classes, master classes, special workshops, field trips, and more. Our work would not be possible without their time and generosity!

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The best dance education program I have ever encountered…As I traveled through the many studios, I immediately noticed the way children stood, confidently in space. There was this incredible sense of equality and confidence, no one hiding in a corner, or pushing their way forward. These children of all different backgrounds seemed wonderfully comfortable in their skin.

- Benjamin Millepied, Artistic Director, LA Dance Project -
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