Donor Spotlight

Paula & Luppe Luppen

Our relationship with The Gabriella Foundation began because the Axelrad family was an important part of our son’s water polo “family” at school. The team was close knit; Joe Axelrad was the goalie ahead of our goalie-in-training son in 1999.  The team families were together often in the stands and at team events. Gabriella’s loss was profoundly felt. The additional loss of classmate Nicole Franz later that year was also very personally and deeply felt by our son. We were very glad to support when the everybody dance! concept was proposed. It felt very right.

As time has gone on, we have continued to support Liza and The Gabriella Foundation.  We admire the great success that the beginning little idea has had in growing without losing the personal energy and love.  As it has grown, we have continued to admire the ever-expanding achievements and the ways it has touched so many deserving people in neighborhoods we care about.  Now there are more people, more energy and more programs all still radiating from the strong heart of the “very right” beginning.