Teacher Spotlight

Sandy Vazquez

Sandy Vazquez, a native Angelina and daughter of undocumented immigrants, began her dance training when she was 6 years old at everybody dance! As one of the organization’s first students, her training consisted of Modern, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop, among other styles. After completing her training at everybody dance! when she was 18, she moved on to study at UCLA. She recently graduated with degrees in Dance and Chicana/o Studies.

Throughout her dance career, Sandy has had the opportunity to study and perform with The Jazz Tap Ensemble, Versa-Style Dance Company, Sarah Reich’s Tap Music Project, and Bernard Brown’s BB Moves, to name a few. She currently teaches Tap 1 at everybody dance! and could not be happier to play a part in the organization’s mission and give back to her community.

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