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How Everybody Dance! Impacts Graduates

Our graduates are the best ambassadors for the lasting impact of the Everybody Dance! program. Here we share Jovahna Solalindez’s story, a student who joined us 14 years ago and will be attending UCLA for dance!

Meet Jovahna Solalindez!

Jovahna started in the Everybody Dance!program about 14 years ago. She will major in dance at UCLA this upcoming Fall to continue her dance education and pursue her future goals. Here are some insights from Jovahna about her journey.

How did you get started at Everybody Dance! ?

When I was little I loved to dance to whatever music my parents were playing around the house. My dad came across Everybody Dance when he was picking my mom up from work one day. Everybody Dance! was very affordable for my family who has always lived in a low-income community; compared to a lot of dance companies in LA that are too expensive. My dad enrolled me at Everybody Dance before I was four years old. I began to take pre-ballet classes once I turned four and have been learning more than one dance form since then.

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how does the enrollment process work?

Enrollment is easy! Submit an application and be entered into the Everybody Dance! lottery, which is drawn starting in March for Everybody Dance! Summer Camp and in July for our September to June dance season.

To be entered in the Everybody Dance! lottery, click on the link below, download and fill out the application (one per child). Send your completed application, including all requested proof of documentation, to and you will be entered into the lottery. Note: Incomplete applications will not be given first priority. If your child’s name is picked, we will contact you to schedule registration and orientation. Thank you for your interest in Everybody Dance!

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“Everybody Dance! gives our community access to the arts at an affordable price. Not all parents can afford to have their children in a dance academy. Because my daughter chose dance as a form of extracurricular activity, she was able to get into one of the top private schools of California "

- Everybody Dance! Parent -
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Student Spotlight

Jahselyn Medina

Jahselyn Medina

Jahselyn has been dancing since she was 4 years old. She first started with everybody dance! when she was an 8-year-old at GCS.


Teacher Spotlight

Sandy Vazquez

Sandy Vazquez

Sandy Vazquez, a native Angelina and daughter of undocumented immigrants, began her dance training when she was 6 years old at everybody dance!


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