Heidy Garcia

Meet Heidy Garcia!

Heidy started in the everybody dance! program about 12 years ago. She is the first in her family to go to college and will be attending USC this fall. Her dream job is to become an architect and to be in “a job where I’m happy and giving my all every day.”

One of the important things that she learned about herself while in high school and at everybody dance! was to balance her life. Her sophomore year of high school was her most challenging with ballet, marching band, and AP classes. She thought about quitting everybody dance! but she gained confidence in herself to keep going and to balance her classes. Her determination in dance kept her motivated in school.

One of her most unforgettable experiences in everybody dance! was the flash mob at the Nokia Center downtown. It was pouring rain that day. I was pretty small. I remember I was nervous, but was excited to be dancing with the older students.”

Heidy learned through dance that punctuality is more important than being fully prepared if you keep up in class with both optimistic and positive energy. You also have to stay motivated and constantly practice. She recalled “the first time I got my splits (I had practiced for a month), and Ms. Katya noticed.”

Ms. Katya had an especially positive impact on Heidy. She taught her “how to deal with your body, eat properly and exercise.” Heidy saw her as a motivational mentor. “It’s up to you. You can make things happen.”

Heidy described the everybody dance! community as well-knit and felt supported and loved during critical times in her life. “Teachers consistently ask and want to know.” She also said that teachers “made us feel comfortable with a welcoming vibe.”

Her advice to younger students: “Just always try your hardest because it does have an effect on what you do.”


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