Your support lifts us up and transforms lives and communities through the power of dance

You make it possible for us to provide life-changing, professional dance education to students who could not afford it. Students explore dance during the school day — creating, moving and accelerating their learning. With your partnership, we can continue to:

  • Serve more than 4,000 students in 28 schools in McArthur Park, South Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Watts.
  • Instill high expectations and cultivate the lifelong skills of collaboration, discipline and self-expression in the youth we serve.
  • Support our high school students as they transition in college and career.
  • Make dreams come true for youth dancers.

Become a Dance Routine Sponsor Today!

Everybody Dance LA! just launched the Dance Routine Sponsorship Program. These monthly campaigns introduce special “moments” you can gift to a youth by making a “routine” monthly or weekly gift using a credit or debit card. These monthly campaigns include sponsoring summer programming, providing a pair of pointe shoes, or ensuring a child has a costume for their recital. When you support the Dance Routine Sponsor Program you will put a smile on a child’s face all month long!

You teach kids more than just skills in the arts and humanities – you light a fire in them; you help them grow emotionally and socially. And as all of you know, that has an impact on our kids. Not just their success in the arts and in the humanities, but their success in school and life.