2018 Donors

Thank You To Our 2018 Donors

The Gabriella Foundation thanks its supporters who generously gave in fiscal year 2017-2018. Our work wouldn’t be possible without you, and our gratitude is endless!

Carl and Roberta Deutsch Foundation
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Weingart Foundation

$50,000 to $99,999
Herb Alpert Foundation
Paula and Luppe Luppen
Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation
The Ahmanson Foundation

$25,000 to $49,999
Angell Foundation
Janis and James Burroughs
Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Lynne and Jim DeWitt
Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
The Edward A. & Ai. O. Shay Family Foundation
Larry Ginsberg and Rob Levine
Sarah Glazer and Fred Khedouri
Joseph Drown Foundation
Kathy and John Kissick
Anita Mann Kohl and Allen Kohl
Rose Hills Foundation
The Louis L. Borick Foundation

$10,000 to $24,999
Kathleen McGrath and J.J. Abrams
California Arts Council
Cathay Bank Foundation
Michele Willens and David Corvo
Department of Cultural Affairs
Leah and Sam Fischer
Green Foundation
Susan and Richard Gurman
Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust
Dulé Hill
Annica and James Newton Howard
Charlotte Hughes and Christopher Combs
Tatiana Blackington James and Todd James
Jane Jelenko
Johnny Carson Foundation
Inara George and Jacob Kasdan
Meg and Lawrence Kasdan
Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation
Heather Eubanks and Andrew Kin
Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Luppe Luppen Jr.
National Endowment for the Arts
Oder Family Foundation
Charles B. Ortner
Joan Herman and Richard Rasiej
Doris Sosin
Ziffren Brittenham LLP

$5,000 to $9,999
American Endowment Foundation
Susan Baumgarten and David Totheroh
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Liza Bercovici and David Axelrad
Liz and Rick Berman
Patsy and Ron Buckly
Megan and Peter Chernin
Susan and Mark Dalton
Lynne and Irwin Deutch
Bill Falik and Diana Cohen
Todd Gelfand
Allan Haldeman and Anna Howell
Ellen and Tom Hoberman
Horvitz & Levy LLP
Claudia Joyce
Michael Kane
Linda and Don Kaplan
Sidney Kohl
Lou E. Perez Foundation
Nigel Lythgoe
Nancy E. Barton Foundation
Jeanne Newman
Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman
Monica and Philip Rosenthal, Rosenthal Family Foundation
Devy and Carlos Schonfeld
Craig H. Scollard
Lynn Soodik and Steve Wasserman
Julia Strickland and Timothy Wahl
Debra Thompson and Lawrence Riff
Diane and Michael Ziering

$2,500 to $4,999
Cindy and Bob Broder
Lois Wecker and Rory Burnett
Julie Waxman and Seth Freeman
Cindy and Bryan Gauger
USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance
Stephen Herr
Home Box Office, Inc.
Joseph K. & Inez Eichenbaum Foundation
Judith and George Kieffer
The Landers Family
Jan Greenberg Levine
Los Angeles Chargers
Renata and Perry Lubens
Alison Whalen and Steve Marenberg
Martha and Jeff Melvoin
Sherri and Arnold Nelson
Gretchen and Randy Newman
Nina Abrams Fund
Norman F. Sprague Jr. Foundation
Tina Oh
Ros and Bill Pullman
Tawney Bains and Zachary Roberts
Michael Skloff
Ruth and Eric Stockel
Nora and David Tulchin
The Alpert-Waldman Family
Hope Warschaw and John Law

$1,000 to $2,499
Alpert and Alpert Foundation
Barbara Alpert
Michele and Arlen Andelson
Zen and Alfredo Annino
Patricia and Kenneth August
Ambassador Frank Baxter
Carla Malden and Norman Beil
Barbara Berg
Mariellen and Peter Bergman
JoAnn and Wade Bourne
Barbara and Thomas Card
Bonnie and Louis Cohen
Phyllis and Barton Cohen
Toni and Bruce Corwin
Cathleen Young and Patrick DeCarolis, Jr.
Susan North and John Donley
Deborah Yaeger and John Emshwiller
Roy Essakow
Susan and David Ettinger
Becca Falik and Matt Pasternack
Frank Falzetta
Esther Fischer
Jane Rubin Gerstein and Bob Gerstein
Nancy and Jonathan Glaser
Rhonda and Michael Glowalla
Noreen and Daniel Gonzalez
Diane and Michael Gorfaine
Laurie Vender and Stephen Halper
Patti and Lew Halpert
Barbara Morgen and Eric Hemel
Lauren and Daniel Herr
Victoria and Frank Hobbs
Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation
Angela and Ellis Horvitz
Audrey Irmas
Jack Schwartzman Family Foundation
Heidi Schulman and Mickey Kantor
Glorya Kaufman
Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall
Lisa and Derek Kirkland
Virginia and Frank Maas
Alexandra Leichter and Michael Maroko
Janice and Bruce Miller
Susan and Charles Oakley
Mary J. Poptanich
Judith Reichman
Margot Roosevelt
Nancy Stephens and Rick Rosenthal
Paula and Allan Rudnick
Samuel Schwartz
Christina Snyder and Marc Seltzer
Carol Fuchs and Martin Shafer
Lorrie and Jeff Smith
Amy Solomon
Rachel Kaganoff-Stern and Eric Stern
Joan Velazquez and Joel Kozberg
Pascale Vermont
Karen Freedman and Roger Weisberg
Bonnie Nash and Don Wing

$500 to $999
Sasha Anawalt
Candace and Craig Anderson
April Armstrong and Dean Bochner
Lynn Arost and Frank Dines
Gregory and Anne Avis
Antonia Bercovici
Phyllis and Alan Berger
Linda Bilmes and Jonathan Hakim
Bruce and Marie Botnick
Karen Bray and Lance Heidel
Kappy K. Bristol
The Music Center/Center Dance Arts
Suzanne and Jeff Buhai
Bessemer Trust
Benjamin Chuang
Rosanne Covy
Sylvia Botero and Norman Cuttler
Jessica and Alan Davis
Wendy Dozoretz and Fredric Woocher
Jill and Bob Eisfelder
Hayden and Robert Ellison
Jeannine and James Epstein
Susie Norris and Jacob Epstein
Kathleen Flanagan and Keenan Behrle
Flourish Foundation
Bonnie and Robert Friedman
Laura Burris and Stephen Friedman
Susan and Alan Friedman
Susan R. Friedman
Andrea M. Gauthier
Gelfand Rennert and Feldman, LLP
Leslie and Cliff Gilbert-Lurie
Ruth Goldway
Wendy Herzog and Steve Rohde
Alan Holleb
Ellen Isaacs and Lary Rappaport
Tracy and David Isenberg
Brian Ito
Christina Malach and Benjamin Jacobson
Sheri and Michael Kane
Patricia Kestin
Janet and Alexander Kirkpatrick
Carol and Mitch Klein
Jill and Stuart Koenig
Mark and Francine Landau
Nancy and Barry Levy
Marie Lloyd
Susan Loewenberg
Matthew Louchheim
Patricia and Will Mackenzie
Janet Marott
Mary Herne and Dave Kenin
Janis and Dan Minton
Thomas Monath
Robert and Linda Morra
Betty Nordwind
Duong Hua and Steve Norris
Patsy Ostroy
Kathleen Palmer
Lisa Perrochet and Dan Eldred
Linda Griego and Ron Peterson
Betsy and Chuck Potts
Astrid and Howard Preston
Janice and Ben Reznik
Stacy and Ron Robinson
Jodi and Jeremy Rosen
Lisa and Larry Rosenstein
Claudia Sarne and Atticus Ross
Mary Gwynn and Mark Rossen
Joan and Harry Saperstein
Micki Scherer
Louise and Alan Schwartz
Arlene and Arthur Schwimmer
Arleene and Larry Sommer
St. John
Bonnie Sun
Sam Teller
Hisano and Mitchell Tilner
Sue Tsao
Kelly Uphoff
Eleanore Vega
Janice and Daniel Wallace
H John Walter III
Harold Watson and Mrinalini Watson
Leslie Weisberg
JoBeth Williams and John Pasquin
Anna and Jeff Work
Laura Zwicker and Robert Wright
Daniel and Nancy Yih

$10 to $499
Barbara Aaron
Lauren Abdosh
Caroline and Muhannad Abdulhamid
Barbara Waian Abraham
Charlene Achki-Repko
Robert Ahn
Colin Allen
Anthony Allman
Michelle Alpert and Scott Kelrick
Linda Alvarez and Leo Perez
Honey Amado
Katie Amira
Carla Angulo
Victor Ao
Laurie Aronoff and Nancy Aspaturian
Katherine Ashton
David and Susan Askanase
Jeff Atmajian
Clarance and Jacquie Avant
Melissa Smith and Joe Axelrad
Angela Babcock
Jed Baker
Tina Banchero and Sandra Salas
James Barrall
Didi and David Barrett
Michelle Barron and Bruce Thue
Michelle Bauer
Jill and John Bauman
Nancy Baxter and Robert Stone
Harriett Bay
Chris M Beans
Karen Bell and Robert Cox Jr.
The Bell Family
Alex Berger
G. Beverly Bergmann
Lynn Beyer
Binney, Chase & Van Horne, Inc
Christine Bjorklund and Patrick Mason
Martin Blank
Lois and Ronald Bloom
Jaye Scholl and Charles Bohlen
Tori Botsford
Ken Brandt
Lynn and Robert Brandt
Beth and Howard Braunstein
Barry Braverman and Laurie Class
Karen Brounstein
Judy Campbell
Judy Campbell
Lisa Jaskol and George Cardona
Deborah Chodos and Grant Carichner
Kay Carlson
Megan and Jason Carney
Joanna Carson
Joe Matt
Dana Chortkoff and Jeff Doerner
Leslie Chung
Allegra Clegg
Isabel and Paul Cohen
Tim and Janey Cohen
Marsha Cohen and Robert Feyer
Anne Combs
Ann Haldeman Coppe
Nancy Cotton
Debra Cirilov Couch
Aviva Covitz
Toni Crapser
Patricia Crowley
Mary Ann and Paul Cummins
Lynn Dally
N. S. Dantine
Sharon Darnov
Lise and Mac Davis
Deck Family
Carolyn Koozuch DeFrancesco
Verena and Russell Denove
Tamara Detloff and Stuart Banner
Linda and Dan DeWitt
Marian L. DeWitt
Disney EARS to You
Victoria Dobson
Sherry Lynn Donahue
Patricia Dorsey and Gregory Redlitz
Peter and Darian Dragge
Milorad Dragicevic
Michael Dubin
Fredrica Duke
Margaret and Matthew Dunn
Emily and Fred Edelman
Lori and Lars Ekstrom
Jacqueline and David Ellenson
Debra Eskra
Allison Falk
Sven & Edine Faulconer
Samantha Faulkner
Judy Feder
Lauren and David Fedman
Sandra Siegel and Ronald Fein
Corinna Fields
Moira and John Fiore
Moonie and Matthew Fishburn
Barbara Jacobs Fistanic
Matt and Katey Flanagan
Wendy Fleming
Terri and Joseph Frantz
Gustav Freedman
Robert Freedman and Jean Kauffman
Abby and Ira Friedman
Elizabeth Levy George
Jeanne Gerson
Heidi and Johannes Girardoni
Abby Glusker
Victoria Goddard
Jane Goldenring
Alyssa Gong
Margaret Goodman
Goodway Print & Copy
Sandra Symans-Goor and Richard Goor
Susan and Bruce Goren
Karen and Richard Govenar
Leslee Greathead
Nate and Lorry Greenblatt
Nancy Gregory
Blake Samuel Groll
Marcellina and Edgar Gross
Michael Gross
Jo Haldeman
Nini and Jim Halkett
Helen and Brad Harris
Hart, Jennifer
Newlin and Liz Hastings
Joan and David Hill
Elizabeth Levitt Hirsch
Katherine Holmes-Chuba and Daniel Chuba
Sue Horton and Carl Byker
Sofie Howard
David Hu
Edward Hu
Wendy Huang
Amy and Brandon Hunter
Madelyn Inglese
Tani Miller Isaacs and Bruce Isaacs
Suzanne and Eric Isken
Karen Ito
Marilynn Ito
J. Stanley & Mary W. Johnson Family Foundation
Miryam and Henry Jannol
Jewish Community Foundation Los Angeles
Nick Jones and Gary Capetta
Ann Holm Jouffret and Jacques Jouffret
Ari Kleiman and Laura Kanofsky
Joan and Tom Kardashian
Debra and Robert Kasirer
Samantha Katz
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors Foundation
Becky Kim
Carol and Patrick Kinsella
Lynzee Klingman
Karen Knecht Squires
Caroline Koo
Allison Kramer
Loren Homer Kraus and Steven Kraus
Axel Karl Kron
Stefania and Stanislaw Krupa
Min-Heng Ku and Jia-Hueih Weng
Anita Landecker
Robert Landes
Susan Laskin
Tina Lau
Lauren Lebowitz
Valerie Leman and Ross Cohen
Nicole Lepore
Sondra and Alan Levi
Aviva and Jason Levin
Sherrie Zacharius and David Levine
Saralyn D. Levine
Grace Lin
Fran and David Loew
Ryan Thomas Ly
Karen MacDonald
Kate Hutter Mason
Amy and Harold Masor
Neile McQueen
Judith Meister and Paul Silvern
Cyndi and Alex Menegaz
Ann Merlini
Diane Davis Merrick
Nancy Mette and Barnet Kellman
Linda Metzner
Nick and Vaughan Meyer
Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, LLP
Gretchen and Marshall Milligan
Christina Minutillo
Gloria Carbone Mitchell
Jo Anne Modarelli
Glenn Monette
Joy and Jerry Monkarsh Family Foundation
Rebecca Morales
Connor Morgan
David Morris
Jody and Dennis Moss
Sandra Moss
Katie Muir
Orly Munzing and Robert Dunbar
Luke Murphy
Nanette Pattee Francini and James Urie
Winifred White Neisser
Arty Nelson and Naomi Despres
Dolores Nemiro
Beatrice Nemlaha
Network for Good
Susan Newirth
Karissa Ng
Cathy Ngo
Lynn Koff and Marty Nislick
Deborah and Howard Nussbaum
Peggy O’Hara and Bob Bush
Carrie Odell
Pam and Jerry Offsay
Agi Orsi
Michael Pacht
Courtney and James Pade
Eunice J Panetta
Linda Pastel
Nancy Hutson Perlman
Jill and Stephen Petty
Andrea Phillips
Suzanne and Edward Plutte
Sandra and Steven Polin
Bruce and Jaye Jo Cooperman
Tina Quinn
Manuela and Boris Rangelovi
Sage and Manish Raval
Kama Richetta
Heather Richman
Leslie Rivkin
Yusef Robb
Lynette Berg Robe
Diane and Don Rose
Emilie and Andrew Rosenfeld
Esther Rosenfield and Richard Lee Rosenfield
Brandi Roth and Bruce Clemens
Elissa Rowe
Mandie and John Rush
Robin Russell
Anna Salargo
Betty and Thomas Saliba
Fern Salka and Joe Ebin
Constance and Frank Salz
Jennifer Samsel
Laura Sarley
Joy Sawyer-Mulligan
Drs. Elie Gindi and Pamela Schaff
Denise Ann Scheerer
Caryn and Paul Schiff
Sharon and Harold Segal
Jeff, Judy and Lily Seitelman
Steve Lopez and Alison Shore
Maxine and Gary Smith
Charlene Solomon
Karen Rosenthal Stern
Cathy Ann Stewart
Deborah Stoff
Gail Strickland and Neil Baker
Victoria and Guy Strickland
Amelie Porter Stroh
Lyle Tavernier
The Kroger Co.
Allyson Nolte Tilles
Karen D. Benson and Steve Totheroh
Jennifer Troia
Bruce Tyson
Ellen and Roger Vacco
Aurel and David Van Iderstine
Arlene Vidor
Ramona Vigna
Theodore Walch
Nancy Taylor Walker
Keith & Jennifer Walters
Patricia Walters
Joanie Wang
Muriel and Jeffrey Waterman
Esther Wee
Brian & Jill Weintraub
Annabelle Weston
Jil and Mitchell Wexler
Gary and Donna Weyman
Ann-Marie and Eric Whitman
Michael Wilson
Diane Wittenberg
Stephanie and Joe Woodring
Phyllis Corcoran-Woods and Ron Woods
Maggi Wright
Pamela and Leo Wyler
Iris Yen
Nan and Richard Zaitlen
Rosalyn Zakheim and Gayle Dukelow
Imelda and Robert Zakon

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